Freelancer Profile Standard

Core idea

Data-liberalization by enabling every (potential) platform or (potential) customer or (potential) agency to import your freelancer-profile with all decision-relevant data seamlessly.


The prototype freelancer profile: github

  • open
  • free
  • machine-readable
  • human-readable
  • editable with simple text-editor

Advantages for freelancers

Transparency and data-generosity will become a comparative advantages to a freelancer: More transparency –> more reach –> more project offerings –> better projects. Example: If 10 of your competitors provide an hourly rate and you don’t, the agent offers his project to the 10 competitors before he contacts you in order to save his time.
Smart agencies will prefer you, because they can offer you to their customers without manual effort. They can import your json-profile into a smart software and it will generate your freelancer profile in their look&feel and in their prefered format (.pdf, .word, …).
Update only your master freelancer-profile -> smart platforms, agencies and customers will synchronize their slave freelancer profiles automatically and immediately. This means less work for you, less request emails from agencies and a faster signal to the market, as soon as you decide to search for a new project.

Advantages for freelancer agencies

Seamless import of freelancer-profiles without manual effort. Automatic generation of profiles with your own look & feel and in your prefered format (.pdf, .word, …). This means less manual effort and faster time-to-offer.
Have more up-to-date freelancer-profiles, which shows some really interesting skills, which the freelancer acquired just in his latest project.

Advantages for freelancer platforms

Offer more up-to-date-profiles to your customers even if the freelancer doesn’t know you or doesn’t have the time to maintain his profile on your platform.
Become the platform, where most freelancers host their master profile.

Advantages for the whole market

More up-to-date freelancer-profiles will improve the freelancer-to-profile-matching results. Structured data will help artificial intelligences to learn faster and provide better matching results. This leads to an overall better project success.
The market competition will shift from data-leeching to better services.
Data democracy will tear down the market entry barriers for startups.
No waste of workforce anymore by manually processing freelancer-profiles.
Impulse for this standard:


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